Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The BLUE and BROWN project

This was my first project. This is my baby. I'm very happy with the result. It was very successful. I did not attend the main event. Oh, but I did have a glimpse of the post party ....

I started the blue and brown project last November 2010. It was under the strict supervision of my lovely friend whom I'll hide under the pseudonym Myleen (hehe). It started out as a simple blue project, I suggested the brown for the drama effect. It also started out as a secret project, which I still wonder why until now. Thanks to YM, FB and SKYPE, my boss, who at that time resides in an island somewhere in Australia, was able to boss me around (wink* wink*). After countless sleepless nights, hundreds of links shared, error messages popping out of my photoshop program, jpeg files sent and resent and sent back, a dinner-less night with my adorable assistant Amy, a sticky scissor and my sticky fingers, the biggest part of the project was done ...

For the rest of the project, I was more of a consultant ....  Strangely, my boss actually listened to me ...
Thank you for trusting me. I'm sorry I wasn't there throughout the whole project (especially the main event, heheheh). But I know it was a successful project because of the smiles I saw during our "post project dinner".

If this project turns out to be the foundation of my future bread and butter, I will forever be indebted ....

so ... who's next?


  1. this is absolutely fantastic!

  2. please accept my lifetime depth of gratitude towards u!


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