Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mommy Moments - Black and White and ...

This is one of my favorite tricks in photoshop ....

Black and White and PINK

Picture was taken on my sister-in-law's wedding. 
My daughter was the smallest and youngest flower girl. 
She was the last one to get dressed! 
She practiced walking in the hotel corridor and she was very good 
but she had tantrums at the church and I had to carry her all the way to the altar!

Black and White and VIOLET

Picture was taken during a storm. 
We had no electricity and the princess was so bored!

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  1. the picture trick was nicely done!
    visiting from mommy moments...

  2. i love all the pictures you posted mommy! Happy MM!

  3. She's so cute!

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  4. she's so cute bette.. :) naging instant flower girl ka rin.. hehe

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  5. so adorable!

    Please look at my B/W world. You are welcome at my STREET anytime.

    Have a great mommy weekend!

  6. wow, pretty impressive! so cute...thanks for dropping by!

  7. Super duper cutie girl! Thanks for the MM visit!

  8. wow, nice pics especially the first one..wish i know how to use photoshop to create such lovely pics...
    thanks for visiting My Black and White entry

  9. Another reason why I love using Photoshop,there are so many "magic tricks" that it can do.
    Mommy Moments: Black & White

  10. oh, it's so pretty! wish i could do that.. i'm not familiar with photoshop, lol! you may want to check MINE..

  11. How did you do that, Mommy! Ang galing! Happy MM!

  12. really nice photo! :D great shot! happy mommy moments!

  13. awesome trick - i have to learn that! thank you for the idea.

    got so late in our entry but can't miss MM: here's our link:


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