Sunday, April 17, 2011

She's a Red Haired Bitch and I Hate Her

Finally,  I got to read the 5th book of the Shopaholic series,

This is really long overdue 'coz I read the other 4 books, I think, more than a year ago. So thanks to my student, Isabella, for lending me her copy. Since I'm a stingy person, even if I really adore how Kinsella writes and Rebecca's character, I just patiently wait for someone to lend me a copy. Is there anyone who has a copy of Mini Shopaholic?

Anyway, let's talk about my title ....

The baby only came out on the last part of the book so the red haired bitch is really the main focus of the story.

Rebecca, being pregnant and all, heard about a celebrity obstetrician named Venetia Carter and begged Luke (Becky's husband) that they see her instead of their old doctor. Venetia turned out to be a young red haired and voluptuous doctor. And coincidentally, Luke's ex girlfriend! So how about that for a conflict!

Venetia acted friendly and kind and perfect around the unsuspecting Luke. Becky felt uncomfortable and had this instinct that Venetia was up to something. She even hired a detective (who followed the wrong guy!) 

Becky later confided this to her designer friend, Danny, who was so inspired he made it into a t-shirt design like this  ...

(Ooooopppssss ... sorry, just change blonde to red haired ....)

Venetia saw this and confronted Becky telling her that Luke's going to leave her (Becky) after she gives birth so that they (Luke and Venetia) can be together. Becky was about to give up but later found the courage to save their marriage by writing a 17 page (or was it 18) letter to Luke. Anyway, it turned out that it was only Venetia imagining things and the oh so charming Luke will never replace the ever so cute Becky.

I hated the red haired bitch while I was reading this. I think if there is a red haired bitch in my life, I wouldn't be as charming as Becky.

I love how Kinsella presents real life problems in a very funny way ...

Again, is there anyone who has a copy of Mini Shopaholic and is willing to lend me?


I'd love to hear from you! Thank You!