Wednesday, March 30, 2011

After 20+ years ... I'm spilling it all out ...

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Prompt# 4 You stole WHAT!?! Spill it!

My sister, Ayyen, is 13 years older than me. I think she disliked me because she could have been the youngest had I not been born. So I ... uuummmm ...  kinda .... sort of ....  disliked her, too.  When I was growing I was always  envious of her stuff. Well,  I was in elementary and she was in college, so she had more access to "cool" stuff and  she also had this special ability of turning felt papers into really artistic letters and shapes. I wanted everything she has (I think ... ).   

She had this Garfield stationery that I really liked. As far as I can remember it looked like this:

And it's bigger than usual stationeries that time. I believe I asked it from her but she said, "NO!" So I stole it. At first,  I was so nervous I'd get caught, but when no one asked nor scolded me, I felt like the ultimate high-skilled thief. I showed it off at school and I ended up selling it to a classmate (hehehe). Now, I realized she might have known it all along but didn't question me. (Why???)

But now after 20+ years ... 

I'm confessing ....

(to my sister ....  if you're reading this, 
which I hope you would 'coz I'm posting its link on  your FB wall!!!)

I'm sorry I stole your Garfield stationery.

I'm sorry I stole some of your crisp 5, 10 and 20 peso bills.
(oopppss, was that yours or Ate Wilma's?????)

I'm sorry I might have stolen other stuff from you but I can't really remember.

I'm sorry I might have done other bad things ... worse than just stealing your stuff.

I'm sorry I'm 20+ years too late ...


  1. I guess we all have our moments :) I remember stealing a bread from my Auntie's kitchen way back.

  2. Confession is good for the soul!

  3. Aww it's never too late xx Visiting from M kats..

  4. Visiting from Mama Kat's - hope your sis will forgive you!

  5. This post will surely clear the air.

  6. The is cool stationery! I stole a candy bar once but don't remember what kind even. I felt so guilty I never stole anything again.

    Stopping by from Writer's Workshop. Here's ours:

  7. About time for a confession...I guess better late than never. ;)

  8. it's never too late. I'm sure your sister will forgive you. good luck :)

    I am now a follower :)


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