Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mommy Moments - Birthday Photo

I've always wanted a picnic party for my daughter. So last December 2010, we celebrated her 4th birthday in Camp John Hay. I prepared everything ... cupcakes, pink balloons, and a pink shirt dress that matches my princess' personality. She was so excited!

What I didn't prepare for was that swing hitting my princess and giving her bruises on her nose.

She was too sad to even blow her candles and smile for the camera.....

She didn't get to play with her guests ... she was just beside gramma all the time ....

She later played with her friends but she wasn't as energetic ....

But when we went home and she had time to really check her gifts ... she forgot all about the accident and she was back to normal as if nothing happened. She had crowns, sandals, dresses, crayons and books and she was so happy ....

The bruises are gone but I still feel bad when I remember this day. But I'm still thankful that I have a smart, healthy and lovely 4 year old ... that's the only thing that matters.

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  1. Awww, sorry to hear about your daughter's bruises. Poor thing. But that was nice of you to lift her spirit up all day to show herself for her big day though. My Mommy Moments Hope you can visit mine too.

  2. sad to hear what happened then, it really happened sometimes, unplanned and unexpected. based on pictures, it looks like its a great picnic party and glad that she forgot about the bruises when she saw her gifts! great that at the end of the day she's still the beautiful girl that you have! btw, followed you, hope you can follow me back...thank you! have a great weekend! -PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

  3. Thanks for the visit and welcome to Mommy Moments!
    Like them, I'm also sorry to hear about the accident.

  4. That was sad but anyway those are accidents we cannot avoid. I know you did your best for your child

  5. happy birthday to your princess.. The party look awesome.. sorry about the accident.

  6. oh! that was so sad.. just be careful on her next birthday party..

  7. ...and that swing-bump had to happen on her birthday! poor kid :( At least, she still managed to have fun when you got home :). I think a picnic is a good idea for a birthday celebration.

    here's my late MM entry:

  8. someday, i hope to be able to go back to camp john hay with my family :) happy mommy moments!


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