Saturday, June 19, 2010

mommy me!

"A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous ...
full of beauty and forever ... 
loving and caring and truly amazing."

Bea's favorite bedtime story is her own princess life story I had to make up 'coz she kept asking how she was born. Well, it's not really made up, it's mostly true with some exaggerated alterations. She loves the story and every time she can't sleep, she asks me to tell the story again and again and again. It's tiring but I love telling the story to her. It's a memory, I hope, I will never forget.

Here's the story ... I always start it with "once upon a time a... " for the drama effect.

Once upon a time, Mama and Papa asked for an angel from God. There was this naughty little angel in heaven, and He decided to send her to them. When Mama, found out she was expecting a baby, everyone was so happy and excited. The long wait is over. The day before her arrival, Mama and Papa went Christmas shopping 'til the shops closed. Mama didn't expect she would arrive earlier. At around 4 am of December 21st, Mama's water bag broke. Papa panicked and he didn't know what to do. Mama was not quite sure how he started the car. Mama managed to change clothes and get the bag (which was already prepared weeks earlier by my super excited mother-in-law/first time grandma). Mama didn't feel any pain, everything was normal except for some water coming out. This made Papa more nervous and asked her, "how come there's no pain!?" After all the fuss, Mama and Papa managed to get to the hospital. The hospital staff told Mama her angel was coming. After that, Papa remembered to call Grandma and Grandpa (who actually arrived quite faster than expected.) Mama still didn't feel any pain. It was only around 8 am that Mama started to feel some teeny tiny pain which she passed to Papa by pinching his hand. After a few seconds, the pain was gone, and she started laughing again (which really amused Grandpa). At around 11 am, the pain escalated (really ... escalated is the perfect word). The wise owner of the hand Mama's supposed to be pinching was suddenly gone ... leaving her with nothing to pass the pain to. Papa later told Mama, her pinches were too painful to bear (hahaa --- MEN!) . No more intervals ... the pain was constant ... Mama said,(this is really an exaggeration, I didn't actually say this) "Ahhhhh, my devilish little angel is coming!" So, the station nurse ushered Mama from the labor room to the delivery room (I walked ... it was about 20 steps --- I think). Mama's doctor came and she started pushing the angel out ...
As far as I can remember, I think it was only 3 big pushes.

Finally, at 2:31 pm, a white angel came out. The doctor placed her on top of Mama's tummy.

  I know it's cliche but the pain, the exhaustion were really gone when I saw her.

They cut the umbilical cord that bind Mama and the angel and the pediatrician took her away. (I usually skip the part of the cutting 'coz it reminds Bea of her fallen umbilical cord which we're still keeping and at this part of the story she'll stand and look for it.) After two hours, they brought the tiny princess into Mama's room which was full of excited spectators. Each person waiting for his/her turn to hold the angel. (During this part of the story , Bea always gives me a sweet smile.) ~ the end~

It slightly changes every time but after every story, she always says, ".. and all of you were very very happy the moment you all have seen me?!" I answer, "Of course!" She hugs me and says good night then sleeps.

When all the spectators left the room, Papa asked Mama, "We can do this, right?!" Mama answered, "We can!"

And surely we did and continuously doing it ... Bea's 3 years old now ... and the angel has some devilish side but remains sweet and loving. She's a blessing I'll always be thankful for!

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